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Hippy market es Canà Ibiza

Ibiza hippy markets are already here are already here. These unusual places, full of colour, art and handicrafts, open their doors from May until the end of the summer. These are some of the most popular tourist spots on the island, as their enchanting charm will enchant anyone.

Today we will walk through the streets of one of the most famous: the Hippy Market Punta Arabí. Es Canar. If you are going to be in Ibiza on a Wednesday, change your route and head for this point. You won’t regret it!

History and origins of Es Canar hippie market

When did this flea market come to be considered the oldest in Ibiza? Well, to see the Es Canà street market for the first time, we have to go back to 1973, with the arrival of the hippies on the island. Little by little it became more and more famous until it became what it is today: the biggest in Ibiza.

Ever since the young hippies of the 70s started selling their products on improvised fabrics, the flea market has been spreading throughout the hotel complex of Punta Arabí, the most touristy area of Es Canar.

So, every Wednesday, you can enjoy more than 300 artisans and artists offering their products.

Where is Es Canà in Ibiza?

Es Canà, also known as Es Canar or Es Cana, is located on the northeast coast of Ibiza, in the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Río. This picturesque seaside resort is famous for its pristine beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

How to get to the hippy market

Getting to the Es Canà hippy market is easy. If you are staying in Santa Eulalia, you can take a direct bus to the market. You can also get there by car, following the signs to Es Canar from any point on the island. If you prefer a more ecological option, there are bicycle routes that connect Es Canà with other parts of Ibiza.

Hippy market Ibiza Es Cana opening times

The Es Canà hippy market is open every Wednesday from April to Octobe. Generally, opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00.

If you go to Ibiza between November and the beginning of May, you won’t be able to find this market open, as they are on holiday.

For this reason, we recommend that you always visit the official website of the street market to find out the exact date on which the streets are open, as this can vary from year to year.

What to find at the Es Can Market

The Es Canar flea market is the largest and most touristic of the island. More than 500 artisans with their stalls show tourists and locals their handicrafts. But you can find not only the articles themselves, but also live music and entertainment for all ages.

Crafts and local products

One of the main attractions of the market are the craft stalls. Here you will find handmade jewellery, bohemian clothing, leather goods, ceramics, and much more. Many of them are from other parts of the world!

Music and entertainment

Music is an essential part of the atmosphere at the Es Canà hippy market. Local bands and touring artists give live performances, creating a festive atmosphere. Street entertainment is also common, with jugglers, dancers and other performers entertaining visitors.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy art exhibitions and visit the Agora Lounge, where exciting Afro-reggae, ecstatic dance and African dance music sessions are held every Wednesday throughout the day.

You can also watch the artisans making their own creations, such as belts.

Workshops and demonstrations

For those interested in learning, the market offers workshops and demonstrations. You can take part in yoga classes, learn handicraft techniques, or even attend meditation sessions. These activities enrich the visitor’s experience and allow for a greater connection with hippy culture.

Food and drink

The gastronomic offer at the Es Canà hippy market is diverse and delicious. From typical Ibicencan food to vegetarian and vegan options, there is something for everyone.

In addition, the drinks stalls offer everything from fresh juices to exotic cocktails, perfect for enjoying as you stroll through the market.

Nearby attractions in Es Canar

Fancy a nice dip after a morning of shopping? In Es Caná you will find two of the most beautiful beaches on the island:

  • Cala Nova
  • Cala Martina

Being so well connected to all points of Ibiza, you will be able to go all over the island and discover every corner: from museums, monuments, beaches, mountains…