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Sublimotion restaurant Ibiza: A unique gastronomic spectacle

12 guests. The same space. They will taste a closed 12-course menu and Chef Paco Roncero is the host. No, we are not making a synopsis of a film, we are talking about the most expensive restaurant in the world: Sublimotion.

What is it like to bring together the most innovative technology with authentic creations that fuse flavours and smells from the hand of a chef with two Michelin stars?

Sublimotion is an experience not to be told. You have to live it.

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls… Welcome to the world’s first gastronomic show!

Sublimotion by Paco Roncero

It all happened in 2014, when Paco Roncero, one of the most prestigious and prominent chefs in the world, decided to open the doors of Sublimotion at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza.

From the beginning, Roncero was clear about his objective in opening this restaurant: to create something new and unprecedented in the gastronomy sector. A way of transforming typical tables into authentic film sets.

At the time, the press made headlines such as “the most expensive restaurant in the world” or “the Cirque du Soleil of restaurants”. But Sublimotion is much more than just a price. It is a fusion of haute cuisine with the most advanced technology in the sector.

But how was all this achieved? The chef is not alone. He is accompanied by chefs, designers, engineers, illusionists, set designers, architects, choreographers, musicians and scriptwriters. A real squad for a real show.

Where is the Sublimotion restaurant in Ibiza?

Sublimotion is located on the vibrant and world famous island of Ibiza, specifically at the exclusive Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. This privileged location allows diners to enjoy a heavenly setting, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and the island’s lively nightlife.

Sublimotion starts its function in the summer season, from 1 June to 30 September, uninterruptedly.

With an approximate duration of 2 hours and a half, during the summer months, starting at 21:00, you can enjoy this experience.

Sublimotion tasting menu

Sublimotion offers an exclusive 12-course fixed tasting menu, created by Chef Paco Roncero, awarded with 2 Michelin Stars, in collaboration with leading international gastronomic professionals.

  • The price per guest is 1.650,00 € (taxes included):Due to the limited number of places, a deposit of 50% of the total amount of your reservation will be required for the confirmation of your booking. The remaining 50% will be paid at the end of the experience by credit card or cash.

Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions when booking or at least 24 hours before the experience.

Highlights include Niguiris (red prawn, razor clam and octopus), Vichyssoise of almonds and langoustine, Eggs with caviar and potato feathers, created by Elena Arzak, Roasted foie gras with spinach curry and Sole with black butter.

Sublimotion restaurant shows that will leave you breathless

As we have already said, this experience is much more than the tasting of top quality ingredients. The setting becomes the star of the evening.

3D projections and special effects

One of the highlights of the Sublimotion experience is the stunning 3D projections and special effects that transform the ambience. The walls and table become living canvases that change throughout the dinner, creating landscapes that complement and enhance each dish. This advanced technology immerses diners in a world of fantasy and creativity.

Images are projected that transform the environment, providing a backdrop in keeping with the theme. For example, the seabed is recreated while fish dishes are served in fish tanks that descend from the ceiling; diners are transported to the vast plains of Arkansas during the serving of main courses; or the festive atmosphere of a 1980s discotheque is recreated for dessert.

A unique and vibrant atmosphere

The combination of 3D projections, special effects, live music and artistic performances creates a unique and vibrant atmosphere at Sublimotion. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you are immersed in a multi-sensory spectacle that stimulates all your senses and transports you to a world of magic and gastronomy.

Sublimoion restaurant prices for a unique experience

The price per diner is 1.650,00 € (taxes included), with a single closed 12-course tasting menu.

Is it worth eating at Sublimotion Ibiza?

We at welcomeibiza.com have not yet had the pleasure of attending this experience. But, here are some opinions of customers who have entered the Sublimotion universe

You have to live it

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Daniel N.F

Impressive ….! An incredible, transcendent experience, surpassing all expectations and breaking with everything established. The future of gastronomy is here… You have to experience it…❤️

Unique experience

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cristian P.A

Impressive, a unique experience. In addition to the quality of the dishes, there is also an incomparable spectacle. Congratulations to the whole team for their work and attention to detail.

We contemplate a real spectacle

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Miguel M.

The site is unique in the world. We had the privilege (and honour) of going with Paco Roncero’s invitation to the closer four years ago (2016) and we were treated to a real spectacle. If it was amazing back then, I can’t imagine it now. We really liked the famous ORCHARD.

If you are a true lover of gastronomy and you want to live a unique culinary experience… Don’t look at the price. Look at the adventure you are yet to begin.