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What to wear clubbing in ibiza?

Nights in Ibiza are perfect for partying, hitting the dancefloors, jumping to the beats of David Guetta and sipping some of the island’s best cocktails. There is no doubt that one of the island’s main tourist attractions is its nightclubs. Are you packing your suitcase and don’t know what to pack to go out and party on Ibiza nights?

Don’t worry! In this article you will find the tips you need to go and give it your all in the Ibiza best nightclubs Get ready and grab your best clothes! Ibiza awaits you.

Ibiza’s nightlife scene

Ibiza’s nightlife has a long history. And, as a result, it has gradually made its place among one of the best places of worship for electronic music. It all started in the 70s, as a refuge for hippies looking for a place to live a free and bohemian life.

Gradually, over the years, some of the island’s main nightclubs began to open, such as Pacha Ibiza. At this time, house and electronic music began to flourish on the island.

Ibiza has remained relevant thanks to its ability to adapt and reinvent itself. Clubs are always looking for new ways to enhance the party experience, from impressive sets and sound systems to live performances and themed parties.

Fashion tips for women

The night comes and you don’t know what to wear. You have a pile of clothes on your bed and none of them suit you. You’re on target!

Dresses and outfits

Comfort should be your main objective when choosing what to wear when partying in Ibiza. For this reason, dresses and outfits are the best option. Forget about racking your brains to figure out what goes with what. Dresses and outfits allow you to choose your outfit the first time.

Neon colours, bright and summery prints… Opt for those outfits that allow you to dance the night away.


Avoid platform heels. Run away, really. If you want to last all night, keep them well stored at home. For a night out in Ibiza, opt for trainers or sandals with a bit of heel. But very little.

If you’re going to a disco on the beach, or to a beach bar, plan sandals are your best option.

In a survey conducted in 2022, 75% of women indicated that comfortable footwear is crucial, preferring sandals or low heels for nights out.


An outfit is not complete without good accessories. Earrings, eye-catching necklaces, bracelets… All this can turn a bland look into one that really gets close to the essence of Ibiza. You can even get your wits about you and do some daring make-up.

Fashion Tips for Men

Ibiza is for experimenting and leaving aside those basic t-shirts you have in your wardrobe and going for something more fun. How?

Shirts and tops

Leave the one-colour T-shirts in the back of your wardrobe. In Ibiza you won’t need them. Choose cool, summery shirts with floral or bohemian prints. Some opt for sheer shirts or light-reflecting fabrics, perfect for clubs with UV lights and neon effects.

Are you a football jersey fan? Don’t put them in your suitcase. In many of Ibiza’s most famous clubs you won’t be allowed in with a shirt of your favourite team.

Pants and shorts

In Ibiza, at night and with the humidity, you can get a bit hot. So forget about long, tight jeans. Pack shorts or even long linen trousers for this occasion. This fabric is perfect for maintaining freshness.


Shoes should be comfortable. Trainers can be a good choice for a more casual and modern look, while boat shoes offer a more classic look for more sophisticated settings.

Dressing for different clubs

As we have already mentioned, Ibiza’s nightlife is very varied. Going to a beach bar is not the same as going to a luxury nightclub, where there are strict dress codes.

High-end clubs

There are nightclubs where details and appearance matter. There are a number of rules for getting in the door of these clubs. For example, do not enter wearing swimwear, stag or hen party accessories, or even a football shirt.

Therefore, before entering the club we advise you to check the website of the club where you plan to go and see if they have a dress code policy.

Beach clubs

If you opt for a disco or pub on the beach, you can go a little casual. With a slightly more relaxed and bohemian look. In some you can even enter with sarongs and flip-flops.

Casual clubs

Some nightclubs do not have the same strict dress policies as upscale nightclubs. So in these you can do something a little more casual. However, we still recommend that you visit your website.

Practical tips for your clubbing dress in Ibiza

Beyond the clubs’ dress policies, there are other factors that will determine the outfit you’ll wear to enjoy the night.

Weather considerations

Summer temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. At night, however, they tend to drop to 25ºC. So pack light, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, viscose and rayon in your suitcase.

Comfort and mobility

Don’t forget that you will be away from the hotel/house for many hours and will have to be on your feet for a long time. The parties in Ibiza go on until the sun comes up. So your whole outfit should be comfortable. That allows you to dance all the way to the floor and feel comfortable at all times. The night can be very long.

Have you already decided what you’re going to pack in your suitcase? Now it’s time to enjoy, dance and have fun! Ibiza will make you fall in love with its nightlife.