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When does the party season start in Ibiza?

When night falls, Ibiza is a different Ibiza. Ibiza is filled with neon colours and music. Ibiza turns off the sunlight to give way to the glow of the moon. In recent years, nightlife has become one of the main attractions of the island, without neglecting the beaches and its culture.

Stag and hen parties, end-of-year trips… There is always a good reason to enjoy Ibiza’s nightlife in its most famous nightclubs. So if you’re thinking of going out partying in Ibiza, Welcome Ibiza makes it a little easier for you. In this little guide we’ll explain everything you need to know before you hit the dance floor and raise your glass until the sun comes up.

Ibiza's legendary nightlife

It is said that it all started in the 60s and 70s, when hippies, artists and travellers began to flock to Ibiza in search of freedom and creative expression. These parties were more like impromptu gatherings on beaches and in caves, where music, dance and spirituality were combined in an atmosphere of total freedom.

However, the real boom in Ibiza’s nightlife came in the 1980s with the popularisation of electronic music and the arrival of international DJs. During this period, iconic clubs such as Amnesia, Pacha and Space became reference points for electronic music lovers from all over the world. House and techno music became the dominant genres, and extended DJ sets throughout the night became the norm.

Over the past decades, Ibiza’s nightlife has constantly evolved to adapt to the changing tastes of the public and the trends in electronic music. Every summer, the island attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world who come to experience the unique energy of its clubs and events. Such is the tourist attraction of the island’s nightlife that Ibiza’s clubs and discotheques reached 141 million euros in revenue from tickets alone in 2023, according to the latest data revealed by the International Music Summit’s IMS Report.

Key dates for Ibiza's party season

The start of the party season in Ibiza generally begins in late May or early June with the famous opening parties of the island’s most emblematic clubs, such as Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaïa, and others.

As the summer draws to a close, Ibiza’s clubs hold their famous closing parties in late September or early October. These festivities mark the end of the summer festival season on the island.

If you want to know what the party will be at the club you are going to that day, you will find a detailed calendar with the DJs, timetable and everything you need to know before buying your ticket on their different websites.

What to expect during the party season

Many nightclubs offer special offers and promotions during the festive season, such as discounted tickets, bottle packages or themed cocktails.

It’s important to note that during the party season, clubs can be busier than usual, so be sure to arrive early if you want to avoid long lines or book in advance if possible. Due to the increased influx of people, it is likely that nightclubs will tighten their security during the party season to ensure a safe and fun experience for all attendees.

Planning your visit to Ibiza for the party season

When planning a trip to Ibiza and planning a party event, organisation is important. Disco tickets are sold well in advance, so you’ll need to buy them before you set foot on Mediterranean soil.

A few days before your trip, it is important that you have all the tickets, so that when you arrive at the door of the discotheque, they don’t say: ‘No, there are no more tickets left’, and the plan you had in mind falls apart.

Once you have the tickets, what’s the next step? Look at transport. Unless your accommodation is very close to the venue, you will have to take into account the timetables of the different buses that pass through the area or, if it is more convenient for you, take a taxi.

With these tips, we assure you that you will have a different kind of holiday and enjoy the Ibiza nightlife.

Famous discos and clubs to go

If you are looking for one of the best clubs in Ibiza to enjoy the Ibizan night, here are 4 where the party is guaranteed:


The Ushuaïa nightclub has become one of the most popular destinations for lovers of electronic music and nightlife.

The open-air disco offers an incomparable experience, with an impressive stage, spectacular lights and a first-class sound system that guarantees an unforgettable party experience. In addition to regular electronic music events, Ushuaïa often hosts live performances by famous artists and theme parties.

Every summer, this iconic venue offers a wide variety of events headlined by renowned DJs such as David Guetta. Operating as a nightclub by day, Ushuaïa invites you to enjoy yourself during the sunny hours, providing access to a magnificent swimming pool where you can cool off.


Amnesia, another of Ibiza’s nightlife gems, is a club not to be missed. It is famous for its legendary fiestas, such as the iconic foam party and La Troya. With a capacity for five thousand people, this hall offers impressive shows. Dive into techno and house music that invites you to dance until the early hours of the morning in an electrifying and vibrant atmosphere.

Pachá Ibiza

With a legendary reputation in Ibiza’s nightlife, this discotheque is an emblematic place where up to three thousand people converge to dance and enjoy non-stop. In addition to its large indoor room, it has an outdoor terrace that adds another level of fun to its parties, which have become summer legends.

528 Ibiza

The discotheque 528 Ibiza, located in Sant Antoni, stands out as one of the most famous on the island. It is a must-see place to visit. Here, musical events of the highest calibre take place, guaranteeing a memorable experience.

On 28 July, the BBC Radio 1 team organises a spectacular party at this venue. This radio station offers a selection of the best dance music of the last decades.

Tips for enjoying Ibiza’s party scene

To get the most out of your Ibiza party experience, you need to consider the following tips:

  • Plan ahead: Research club schedules, buy tickets in advance and book accommodation well in advance to avoid last-minute problems.
  • Stay hydrated: Ibiza’s party atmosphere can be intense, so remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the night.
  • Explore beyond the clubs: While Ibiza’s clubs are undoubtedly its main attraction, don’t forget to explore the island’s other offerings, such as its beautiful beaches, charming villages and stunning scenery. There you will find beach bars and pubs on the beach that will give you as much fun as in the discotheques.

Are you ready to give your all in Ibiza’s nightlife? We hope that this little guide has solved some of your doubts, because at Welcome Ibiza we want your experience on the island to be the best it can be.