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Time for sunset in Ibiza – Best times and locations

Ibiza. This small island in the Mediterranean Sea offers so much to locals and tourists alike. Known for its beaches, coves and wide variety of leisure activities, it will also surprise you with one of its greatest charms: the sunsets.

That moment of the day comes when the sun decides to say goodbye and leave us with a landscape that will be difficult to forget. There is nothing better to end a holiday than to say goodbye to the island by capturing a sky with a palette of colours worthy of paintings, photographs and postcards.

In this article you will find everything you need to know to enjoy a sunset in Ibiza. Not just any old one. The best. Where to see it? What time?

Every sunset is an opportunity to start again.

The magic of Ibiza's sunsets

The sunset in Ibiza is much more than just the setting of the sun; it is a heavenly event that will be the icing on the cake of a perfect holiday.

From the moment the sun begins to dip below the horizon, the sky is transformed into a palette of dazzling colours, ranging from deep orange to soft pink, creating a perfect backdrop for any scene.

The warm Mediterranean breeze and the sound of the waves complete this unique sensory experience.

What time does the sun set in Ibiza?

Are you visiting Ibiza in the summer? Or do you prefer when there is less tourism and enjoy the island in winter? Depending on the time of year you decide to make your trip, you will see the sunset at one time or another. But don’t worry, here’s the answer:

During the summer months, specifically in June and July, the sun sets around 21:20-21:25 hours. In August, sunset tends to come a little before 21:00, while after 20 September, the enchanting moment of sunset is brought forward to 19:55.

During the winter, tranquillity reigns on the island of Ibiza, as there are hardly any tourists. Therefore, there is usually no difficulty in watching the sunset. In November and December, the sun sets earlier, around 17:30.

In addition, we recommend the use of the application “Alpenglow“. With it, you’ll never miss a sunrise or sunset. It offers the ability to set sunset reminders and checks real-time sunrise and sunset forecasts for the perfect quality of light.

How climate influences visibility

Sunsets are influenced by the weather. And a lot of it. It is considered a good day to see the sunset when the sky is clear and cloudless.

However, when the day goes wrong and clouds start to appear… Visibility may be a little limited and you won’t be able to enjoy the Ibizan sunset as it deserves.

Moreover, it is not advisable to watch it in rainy or stormy weather.

The best places to watch the sunset

As you are reading this article the weather is fine and you know you are going to enjoy the sunset? Perfect! It’s time for you to choose the place from where you are going to watch the sunset in Ibiza.

Café del Mar in San Antonio

This is one of the most iconic places on the island to watch the sunset. Located on the west coast of Ibiza, Café del Mar offers a spectacular view of the sun while you enjoy one of their best cocktails listening to the chill-out music they offer their customers in the background.

Las Puertas del Cielo in Santa Inés

This is a lesser known but equally impressive place to watch the sunset in Ibiza. Las Puertas del Cielo, or “Cala d’Albarca” in its local name, offers a panoramic view of cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea. You won’t regret your choice!

Benirrás Beach

This picturesque beach located in the north of Ibiza is famous for its magical sunsets. The combination of golden sand, crystal clear waters and rock formations creates a breathtaking backdrop for the spectacle of the sun. In addition, on Sunday afternoons, Benirrás beach fills with drummers and people enjoying the music and the festive atmosphere as the sun goes down.

Savinar Tower

This historic watchtower, also known as Torre des Carregador, is located in the port of La Savina, on the island of Formentera, which is very close to Ibiza. From this elevated location, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and the sunset over the horizon.

Tips for capturing the perfect sunset

Once you’ve planned your day and seen where you’re going to go and at what time to enjoy the sunset, you’re sure to want to keep a souvenir and capture a moment of that sunset. To this end:

  • Use a tripod: This will allow you to keep the camera steady during shooting, especially in low light conditions at the end of the day.
  • Ajusta la exposición: La puesta de sol puede crear contrastes fuertes entre el cielo brillante y el paisaje más oscuro. Adjust your camera’s exposure to balance the light correctly and avoid overexposing the sky or making the landscape too dark.
  • Experiment with composition: Try different framing and composition to add visual interest to your photos. For example, you can include elements in the foreground to create depth or use the rule of thirds for a more dynamic composition.
  • Shoot in manual mode: If you have advanced photography skills, consider using your camera’s manual mode to have full control over exposure, aperture and shutter speed.

Hopefully this Welcome Ibiza guide has solved all your doubts related to the sunset in Ibiza. We hope you enjoy this trip! The island has a lot to offer.